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A jerking and hesitating vehicle is not just pure fun after all, but also a means of transport on which you depend; it must be reliable, and purchasing it also meant a lot of money at the time. We are very well aware of these facts! And We offer 30 Days of Money back Guarantee and 2 years of unmatched Product Warranty

Tuning is a matter of trust.
In order not to disappoint your trust in us, three things were important to us from the start and as principles have determined ChipWerke’ philosophy since the company was established:
1. Our services and products are always top ranking in quality, function and technology.
2. Our customers are completely satisfied with the tuning that they have received from us.
3. Our products and services are absolutely safe in terms of use and function.

To provide a solid foundation for these principles, we give you a full satisfaction guarantee on the tuning electronics – far beyond what is legally required.

Satisfaction Guarantee
Satisfaction Guarantee means: Try our quality tuning and look forward to a completely new driving experience. Test the chip tuning system to your heart’s content and then evaluate its effects on consumption and drivability – you will never want to send it back!

Comprehensive guarantee on the chip tuning product
From us you are getting a top quality product, that much is clear. However, just in case the power electronics are faulty, the chip tuning product will be replaced by us free of charge without questions – up to 2 years after purchase!*

Long-term software support service
You also get a two-year update service so that you can be ensured that your tuning system is always up to date


30 Days Of Money Back


2 Years Of Unmatch Product Warranty